D330C, D333C Marine Engines Disassemble Sea Water Pump

start by:

a) remove sea water pump

1. Remove pump drive gear nut and washer.

2. Remove the drive gear from the shaft. Remove the key from the shaft.

3. Remove bearing housing bolts (1).

4. Remove the bearing housing (2) and shaft from pump body. Remove the slinger from the impeller end of the shaft.

5. Remove the bearing ring (4).

6. Remove the shaft and bearing assemblies from the housing.

7. Remove the bearing assemblies (5) and spacer (6) from the shaft with a press.

8. Remove the lip-type seal from the bearing housing.

9. Remove the end cover from the pump body.

10. Remove the cam screw (3).

11. Remove the cam (7) from the pump body.

12. Remove impeller (8) and spline seal from the body.

13. Remove the wear plate and the carbon seal assembly from the pump body.

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