D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Timing Magneto To Engine

1. Remove the timing pointer cover from the flywheel housing.

2. Rotate crankshaft in direction of engine rotation until No. 1 piston is coming up on compression stroke.

NOTE: Rotation that is stamped on the magneto name plate indicates magneto rotation.

3. Continue rotating crankshaft until desired timing mark appears directly under flywheel pointer. See Chart of Instructions for Timing Magneto for various conditions such as gas used and compression ratio.

NOTE: After top center (ATC) timing, with engine stopped, is required under some conditions. When earlier flywheels without ATC calibrations are encountered, mark the flywheel .805 in. (20,45 mm) on outside diameter of flywheel for each 5°.

FLYWHEEL TIMING MARKS (Viewed from left side of engine)
1. Flywheel pointer. 2. Calibrations after top center (ATC). 3. Calibration before top center (BTC).

4. With magneto off the engine, remove timing bolt (4) and rotate magneto drive until pulser gear yellow mark or hole appears in center of opening.

5. Position the magneto drive slots in proper position for timing. The drive coupling can be pulled to rear, then positioned and pushed forward into engagement.

6. Install the magneto. The drive tang and slot should engage.

DRIVE TANG AND DRIVE SLOT POSITIONS (Viewed from the rear of the engine)

7. Make final timing adjustment by rotating the magneto at the drive housing mounting and with the use of a timing light when the engine is running at rated speed.

4. Timing bolt

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