D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Rack Shutoff Solenoid Adjustment

Two types of solenoids are available. One for hydra-mechanical governors and one for Woodward PSG Governors.

The hydra-mechanical governor plunger shaft distance from shaft shoulder-to-plate should be initially set at .70 in. (17,8 mm). For Woodward PSG Governor the shaft shoulder-to-plate initial distance should be 1.25 in. (31,7 mm).

Effective travel can be measured with rack setting gauges to be sure rack is moved to shutoff position. Make an on engine check with a 30 amp. ammeter to be sure only the hold in windings are energized when the rack is held by the solenoid in shutoff position. Current draw should be less than 2 amp.

1. Shoulder-to-plate distance .70 in. (17,8 mm) hydra-mechanical governor, 1.125 in. (31,7 mm) Woodward PSG Governor. 2. Effective travel .62 in. (15,7 mm). 3. Starting position of plunger plate from mounting flange is .44 in. (11,2 mm) to measure effective travel of plunger.

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