D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Precombustion Chamber Position

1. Center line of engine. 2. Center line of cylinder. A. “Go” range. B. Intermediate gasket range. C. Thickest gasket range.

Install thinnest gasket first. Install precombustion chamber and tighten to 150 ± 10 lb. ft. (21.7 ± 1.4 mkg). If the glow plug opening is not positioned in the (A) range, remove the chamber. If the glow plug opening is in the (B) range use the intermediate gasket. If the glow plug opening is in the (C) range use the thickest gasket.

Use 5F8353 Wrench to remove and install precombustion chambers. Coat bore in head and seal with liquid soap. Coat threads with 9M3710 Anti-Seize Compound.

Use gaskets to position precombustion chambers to prevent wiring interference by using the proper gasket.

Apply 9M3710 Anti-Seize Compound to glow plug threads before installing. Tighten glow plugs to 120 ± 24 lb. in. (138.4 ± 27.6 cm.kg)

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