D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Low and High Idle Adjustment

Before making this adjustment the installation adjustment should be made, and if done correctly, it will never require changing unless the governor is disturbed.

High idle (maximum speed) settings are made by adjustment of stop screw (2) in the governor body.

1. Install an accurate tachometer.

2. Loosen the locknut and screw (2).

3. With the engine running at full speed, turn high speed stop screw until the correct rpm is indicated on the tachometer.

4. Tighten the locknut.

LOW AND HIGH IDLE ADJUSTMENTS (D330C and D333C Engines Illustrated)
1. Knurled knob. 2. Stop screw.

Low idle (minimum speed) is controlled by the synchronizing motor mounted on the governor cover. The motor requires a source of electric power. If the source of power is from the engine on which the governor is mounted, the engine low idle speed should be that indicated in the RACK SETTING INFORMATION. When the engine speed is too slow to supply electric power, the electric motor will not run. Turn knurled knob (1) to increase engine speed so the generator will supply power.

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