D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Governor Installation Adjustments

When the governor linkage adjustments are correct, the following adjustments should be made.

1. Position the speed adjusting shaft for desired running speed and allow the engine to warm up. Where the governor is equipped with a synchronizing motor, knurled knob (1) can be turned to adjust engine speed.

INSTALLATION ADJUSTMENTS (D330C and D333C Engines Illustrated)
1. Knurled knob. 2. Lever.

2. Lever.

2. Open the compensating needle valve (3) two or three turns and allow the engine to hunt or surge for about one-half minute to bleed trapped air from the governor oil passages.

3. Location of needle valve.

3. Gradually close the needle valve until hunting just stops. Closing the needle valve farther than necessary will make the governor slow to return to normal speed after a load change.

4. Test action by moving lever (2) manually to override governor control. Release the lever and engine should return promptly to original steady speed with only a small overshoot.

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