D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Fuel Ratio Control Setting

9S240 Rack Positioning Tool Group,4B9820 Wrench.
The fuel rack must be set correctly before setting the fuel ratio control.

1. Remove the rack cover from the front of the fuel injection pump housing, and cover (4) from the rear of the fuel ratio control.

2. Engage slot in cover (4) with cross-dowel in adjusting bolt and turn the adjusting bolt in as far as possible. This prevents the head of the bolt from limiting the travel of the fuel rack.

3. Install 9S7350 Rack Positioning Bracket Group over the front end of the fuel rack and 9S215 Dial Indicator in the bracket.

4. Remove the plug from the bottom of the governor and install plug (2). Through opening in plug (2) use rod (3) to push in (retract) the speed limiter plunger. Tighten plug (2) just enough to hold rod (3) in place (speed limiter depressed).

1. Governor control lever. 2. 9S8518 Plug. 3. 9S8521 Rod.

5. Center the rack and set the dial indicator on zero. Remove the spacer.

6. With the speed limiter plunger held in, move governor control lever (1) to FULL LOAD position. Hold the lever in the FULL LOAD position while making the adjustment.

7. Turn adjusting bolt out with cover (4) until the proper dial indicator reading is obtained. The proper reading is listed in the RACK SETTING INFORMATION.

8. Turn cover (4) clockwise the amount necessary to align the bolt holes and install cover (4).

4. Cover.

9. Remove the 9S7350 Rack Positioning Bracket Group, 9S215 Dial Indicator and install the rack cover.

10. Install the standard plug in place of plug (2).

NOTE: Before starting the engine, make certain the governor control lever will move the governor to the SHUTOFF position and that all parts operate freely.

With the above initial adjustment made, a further adjustment while the engine is running can be made if necessary to improve engine performance. To reduce exhaust smoke during acceleration, turn cover’ (4) out (less fuel) 1/2 turn at a time until satisfactory. When exhaust smoke is acceptable but acceleration is sluggish, turn cover (4) in (more fuel) 1/2 turn at a time until satisfactory.

NOTE: Some exhaust smoke is likely to appear at maximum acceleration.

NOTE: If acceleration is sluggish and full engine power seems to be lost, inspect the air line to the cover and the cover gasket for air leaks. If no air leaks are apparent, inspect the diaphragm. A damaged diaphragm will not allow the fuel rack to open completely, acceleration will be sluggish and full engine power cannot be obtained.

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