D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Fuel Rack Setting

Rack Positioning Tool, Dial Indicator and Circuit Tester Method:

9S240 Rack Positioning Tool Group and 4B9820 Wrench.

1. 8S4627 Circuit Tester. 2. 9S8518 Plug. 3. 9S8521 Rod. 4. 9S215 Dial Indicator. 5. 9S7350 Rack Positioning Bracket Group.

The 9S7350 Rack Positioning Bracket Group makes it possible to set the rack, or measure rack position, during normal operation of the engine. The ability to observe rack position during operation, can provide most of the needed data to determine actual horsepower output and diagnose the cause for lack of power.

1. Refer to the RACK SETTING INFORMATION to obtain the correct rack setting dimension.

2. Disconnect the governor control linkage, at the most convenient location, so the governor control lever moves freely throughout its entire length of travel.

3. Remove the fuel ratio control from the rear of the governor and/or the rear cover, then remove the fuel rack cover and gasket from the front of the flange of the accessory drive housing.

4. Install rack positioning bracket group and dial indicator, over the opening for fuel rack cover on front flange of accessory drive housing.

5. Place the spacer (6) over the rod in the bracket. Adjust the dial on the indicator to read zero when the hole attachment is against the rod and the rod is against the spacer.

6. Before starting the engine, be sure the rack moves freely throughout its entire length of travel. The speed limiter will restrict rack travel until the engine is operating with proper oil pressure, or the plunger is manually depressed.

Typical example of manually depressing speed limiter plunger with rod (3) through opening in plug (2) in opening in bottom of governor housing.

7. Attach one end of the 8S4627 Circuit Tester to the brass screw terminal on the outside of the governor housing.

8. With the speed limiter depressed, rotate the governor control lever toward the fuel-on direction until the tester light comes on bright.

9. Slowly, rotate the governor control lever toward the shutoff position until the light goes out.

10. Now, again slowly rotate the governor control lever toward the fuel-on position, until the tester light just barely comes on (a dim light); rack collar is now just touching the stop bar or torque spring. Rack setting can now be read directly from the 9S215 Dial Indicator.

6. Spacer. 7. Hole attachment.

11. To adjust rack setting, stop the engine and loosen lock nut (9). Using wrench (10) adjust screw (8) to obtain the correct rack setting. Rack travel can be read directly on the 9S215 Dial Indicator.

NOTE: Turn screw (8) clockwise to decrease rack travel. Never adjust rack travel by adding or removing shims.

12. After the rack has been adjusted, tighten lock nut (9) to 11 ± 1 lb. ft. (1.5 ± 0.14 mkg).

8. Adjusting screw. 9. Lock nut. 10. 4B9820 Wrench.

Rack Setting Gauge Method:
7S7113 Rack Setting Gauge.8S4627 Circuit Tester.FT960 Adapter Assembly (for off engine rack setting).
Use a 7S7113 Rack Setting Gauge to check the fuel rack setting. The fuel rack can be checked and adjusted with the fuel injection pump housing either installed, or removed from the engine.

1. Remove the rack cover from the front of the accessory drive housing rear flange and the cover from the rear of the governor housing.

1. 7S7113 Rack Setting Gauge.

2. Install the 7S7113 Rack Setting Gauge over the front end of the fuel rack.

3. Set gauge to the proper rack setting. Refer to the RACK SETTING INFORMATION for correct setting.

4. To adjust the rack, refer to the topic RACK POSITIONING TOOL, DIAL INDICATOR AND CIRCUIT TESTER METHOD and follow Steps 7 through 12.

NOTE: If the fuel injection pump housing is removed from the engine the fuel rack setting can be checked with 7S7113 Rack Setting Gauge but, FT960 Adapter Assembly must also be used.

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