D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Fuel Injection Pump Timing Dimension Setting: Off Engine

1F8747 Timing Plate, 8S7167 Gauge,8S4613 Wrench and 8S2244 Extractor6F6922 Depth Micrometer, 4 to 5 in. (101.6 to 127.0 mm) rod.
NOTE: The 1P5600 Timing Fixture Group can also be used. Form GMG00838 provides detailed instructions.

The off engine method will result in correct fuel injection timing only if the pump housing is installed on a new engine or an engine with new timing gears, accessory drive shaft and fuel pump camshaft. The off engine setting adjusts for wear in the fuel injection pump housing only. The accessory drive shaft timing adjusts for wear in the timing gears, accessory drive shaft and fuel pump camshaft coupling.

1. Install the pointer assembly on the fuel injection pump housing.

2. Place 1F8747 Timing Plate on the drive end of the camshaft. Secure the plate to the camshaft.

3. Refer to the chart and select the timing plate degree setting for the lifter being checked or set. Set the timing plate by rotating it counterclockwise until the proper degree setting aligns with the pointer assembly. Lock in position with the lockscrew.

4. The fuel injection pump timing dimension (off engine), using the 8S7167 Gauge is 4.2675 ± .0020 in. (108.395 ± 0.051 mm).

NOTE: Fuel injection pump removal is made with an 8S4613 Wrench and 8S2244 Extractor.

5. The spacer must be changed to change the timing dimension.

6. If all timing dimensions are to be checked or reset, continue the same procedure in the firing order of the engine. Recheck each timing dimension after the adjustment has been made.

NOTE: The accessory drive shaft must be positioned correctly in relation to the engine crankshaft, before the fuel injection pump housing is installed.

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