D330, D333, 3304, 3306 – Basic Block

Cylinder Liner Projection
1P2394 Adapter Plate.Two 3H465 Plates.Crossbar (from 8B7548 Push-Puller).Two 5/8″-11 NC bolts, 5.5 in. (118.7 mm) long.Two 4B4281 Washers.1P5510 Liner Projection Tool Group.
Check liner height projection as follows:

1. Make certain that top of block and cylinder liner flange are clean and free of burns.

2. Place adapter plate (4) on top of cylinder liner. Center crossbar (2) on the adapter plate. Using bolts (1), washers (3) and plates (5), secure the crossbar to the cylinder block as shown. Tighten bolts (1) alternately, in four steps to; 5 lb. ft. (0.7 mkg), 15 lb. ft. (2.0 mkg), 25 lb. ft. (3.5 mkg) and finally to 50 lb. ft. (6.9 mkg). Distance from bottom edge of crossbar, to top of cylinder block, must be the same on both sides of the cylinder liner.

1. Bolts (two). 2. Crossbar. 3. 4B4281 Washers (two). 4. 1P2394 Adapter Plate. 5. 3H465 Plates (two).

3. Zero the dial indicator (7) using the back of gauge (8) with dial indicator (7) mounted in block (6).

4. Measure the cylinder liner projection in at least four locations around the cylinder liner. Projection must be within .0020 to .0056 in. (0.051 to 0.142 mm) and the four measurements should not vary more than .002 in. (0.05 mm). The average projection between adjacent cylinders must not vary more than .002 in. (0.05 mm).

6. 1P2402 Block. 7. 1P2403 Dial Indicator. 8. 1P5507 Gauge.

Connecting Rods And Pistons

Use 7S9470 Piston Ring Expander to remove or install piston rings.

Use 7S9417 Piston Ring Compressor to install pistons into cylinder block.

Tighten connecting rod bolt nuts in the following Step sequence:

Heat ring gear to install. Do not exceed 600° F. (315° C.). Install ring gear so chamfered portion of gear teeth face the starter pinion when flywheel is installed.

Heat crankshaft gear and front or rear wear sleeves to 600° F. (315° C.) maximum before installing on crankshaft. Install seal so springloaded lip faces centerline of cylinder block.

Oil Pump Installation (D330C and 3304)
The oil pump can be removed for inspection and service without removing the timing gear cover. With the cover in place, timing marks are not easy to see. Therefore, time both balancer shafts, with respect to No.1 piston at TC or compression stroke, in the following steps.

1. Rotate the crankshaft to bring No.1 piston to TC on compression stroke.

2. Drive dowel (7) back so it is flush with mounting face of oil pump mounting bracket.

3. Rotate both balancer shafts so the flat portion is away from the oil pan plate. Install bolts (6) so they enter in countersunk holes in balancer shafts and limit shaft movement. The bolts should not be tight against the shaft countersunk hole bottom.

4. Position oil pump on bottom of engine block and install the mounting bolts loosely.

5. Install shims if necessary, between pump mounting pads and cylinder block to adjust backlash to .002 to .006 in. (0.05 to 0.15 mm) between gear (4) and (5) and between gears (2) and (3).

6. Drive dowel (7) back in place, through mounting bracket and into cylinder block. Tighten the mounting bolts.

7. Remove bolts (6) and check to see that the countersunk holes are aligned with holes in oil pan plate when No.1 cylinder is in TC position.

Timing mark alignment information shown in the SPECIFICATIONS is to be used when the timing gear cover is removed.

1. Right side balancer shaft. 2. Right side balancer shaft gear. 3. Idler gear. 4. Oil pump drive gear. 5. Left side balancer shaft gear. 6. Bolt. 7. Dowel.

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