3306 Cylinder Liner – Inspect Flanges

Extended operation after a head gasket failure or filler band leakage can allow erosion or corrosion on the liner flange to cylinder block joint(s). Excessive amounts of erosion/corrosion damage can affect the sealing capability of the head to block joint if not corrected. In order to thoroughly inspect this joint, the cylinder packs must be removed.

Do not measure liner projection before cylinder pack removal unless necessary to verify the workmanship of a previous repair.

Remove all cylinder packs from the engine using the 8T0812 puller or equivalent. Use care when removing the packs from the block to guard against inadvertent damage to the liner seat by the connecting rod/bolts. Remove the filler bands and clean the liner flange/seat area with a hand or rotary wire brush to allow for careful visual inspection. Do not use glass beads as this process will disguise any erosion or flange cracks.

Evidence of minor fretting/dark stains or discoloration is acceptable when it is circumferential and does not prevent the liner from sealing. Groups or patches of pits/erosion occurring in random patterns under the liner flange are not acceptable; do not reuse the liner. This type of extensive damage normally occurs adjacent to similar erosion on the cylinder block.

Measure the liner flange thickness in four places, 90° apart or in eroded areas.

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