3306 Cylinder – Head Bolts

nspect head bolts for reusability. Replace the head bolts that have surface damage (pitting or erosion) on the shank that cannot be polished smooth.

The high stress areas on a bolt are:

1. The first exposed thread root on the joint side of the nut or tapped hole.
2. The first thread root after the shank.
3. The underhead fillet.
Damage in these areas can lead to bolt failure.

Corrosion on bolt shank. Do Not Reuse.

Corrosion on bolt shank. Do Not Reuse.

Combustion gas leakage can lead to corrosion on the bolt shank. If this corrosion damage cannot be removed with emery paper or wet-dry sand paper, replace the bolt. Any remaining irregular surfaces would create unnecessary stress raisers and ultimately weaken the bolt.

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