3306 Cylinder – Final Engine Assembly

Use a 1P2991 Tap to remove burrs from each head bolt hole. Thoroughly clean each hole to remove excess fluid and debris which would affect final torque values.

Lightly coat the head bolt threads, washers and bottom of bolt heads with 6V4876 Molykote Paste Lubricant. Use of this friction reducing paste will significantly improve the load on the head gasket. Do not use oil.

Install the head gasket dry. Remove excess oil/grease from the top of the liner flanges, spacer plate and bottom of the cylinder head with solvent or preferably 8T9011 Component Cleaner.

1. Clean the surfaces of the cylinder head and the cylinder block that make contact with each other. Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry. Install a new dry gasket (2) on the cylinder block.

2. Fasten a hoist to the cylinder head (1) and put it in position on the cylinder block.

3. Put 6V4876 Molykote Paste Lubricant on all the head bolts and rocker shaft bolts.

NOTE: Do not tighten bolts at this time.

4. Loosen the adjusting screws on the rocker arms for valve clearance. This will prevent a bent valve or push rod at installation.

5. Install push rods (4) and rocker shaft assembly (3). Install the bolts and washers that hold the rocker shaft in place.

6. Tighten the bolts as follows:

(1) Large bolts. Put 6V4876 Molycoat on bolt threads and between washer and underside of bolt heads. Tighten bolts in the following step sequence.

a. Tighten bolts from 1 through 26 in number sequence to a torque of … 155 N·m (115 lb ft).

b. Tighten bolts from 1 through 26 in number sequence to a torque of … 250 ± 17 N·m (185 ± 13 lb ft).

c. Tighten bolts from 1 through 26 in number sequence again to a torque of … 250 ± 17 N·m (185 ± 13 lb ft).

d. Tighten bolts A through G in letter sequence (hand tighten only) to a torque of 43 ± 7 N·m (32 ± 5 lb ft).

6. Make an adjustment until the intake valve lash is 0.38 mm (.015 in) and the exhaust valve lash is 0.64 mm (.025 in). Tighten the locknuts (5) for the adjusting screws to a torque of 29 ± 7 N·m (21 ± 5 lb ft).

7. Connect tube assembly (6) and install the bolts to fasten clips (7).

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  1. 3306 on old ford has block, spacer plate, the gasket, brass fits, head. this mechanic cant decide where to put the gasket he needs diagram help.

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