3304 & 3306 – Water Separator

Some engines have a water separator. The water separator is installed between the fuel tank and the rest of the fuel system. For efficiency in the action of the water separator the fuel flow must come directly from the fuel tank and through the water separator. This is because the action of going through a pump or valves before the water separator lowers the efficiency of the water separator.

The water separator can remove 95% of the water in a fuel flow of up to 33 gph (125 liter/hr) if the concentration of the water in the fuel is 10% or less. It is important to check the water level in the water separator frequently. The maximum amount of water which the water separator can hold is 0.8 pt. (0.4 liter). At this point the water fills the glass to 3/4 full. Do not let the water separator have this much water before draining the water. After the water level is at 3/4 full, the water separator loses its efficiency and the water in the fuel can go through the separator and cause damage to the fuel injection pump.

Drain the water from the water separator every day or when the water level gets to 1/2 full. This gives the system protection from water in the fuel. If the fuel has a high concentration of water, or if the flow rate of fuel through the water separator is high, the water separator fills with water faster and must be drained more often.

To drain the water separator, open the valve in the drain line and the valve at the top of the water separator. Let the water drain until it is all out of the water separator. Close both valves.

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