3304 & 3306 – Starting the Engine Fuel System Operation

When starting the engine, the governor control shaft is in the middle position. The linkages in the housing work in almost the same manner as when the engine is running. The only difference is in the function of a spring (C) which is between seat (13) and riser (14). When the engine is running, the force from the weights in the governor is enough to cause compression of spring (C) until the seat (13) and riser (14) are in contact. For starting, the force of spring (C) is enough to push the riser to the full fuel position. This lets the engine have the maximum amount of fuel for injection for starting. The limit for the amount of fuel for injection is the position of the air-fuel ratio control.

10. Seat. 11. Washer. 12. Governor spring. 13. Seat. 14. Riser. C. Spring.

Before the speed of the engine is up to low idle speed, the governor weights make enough force to push spring (C) together and riser (14) and seat (13) come into contact. From this time on, the governor works to control engine speed

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