3304 & 3306 – Remove Fuel Injection Pump Housing And Governor

start by:

a) remove electric starting motor

b) remove fuel injection lines

1. Remove two bolts (1) and start switch (2) from the governor housing. Let start switch hang on engine.

2. Put identification on two wires (7) and remove from switch. Disconnect tube assembly (6) from adapter (4). Remove two bolts (3) and adapter (4) from cylinder block.

3. Remove two hoses (5).

4. Disconnect tube assembly (8) from the fuel ratio control.

NOTE: No. 1 piston at top center (TC) on the compression stroke is the starting point for all timing procedures.

NOTE: The engine is seen from the flywheel end when direction of crankshaft rotation is given.

5. Install tooling (A) on flywheel housing as shown.

6. To find top center compression stroke for No. 1 piston, first turn the flywheel clockwise (opposite the direction of engine rotation) approximately 30 degrees. This procedure is to remove all play from the timing gears.

7. Turn the flywheel counterclockwise until a 3/8″-16 NC bolt (1) can be installed in the flywheel through the hole in the flywheel housing. The No. 1 piston is at top center.

NOTE: To see if the No. 1 piston is on the compression stroke, you can remove the valve cover and look at the valves of the No. 1 cylinder. The valves will be closed if No. 1 cylinder is on the compression stroke. You must be able to move the rocker arms up and down with your hand.

8. If No. 1 piston is not on the compression stroke, remove the 3/8″-16 NC bolt and turn the flywheel 360° counterclockwise. Install the 3/8″ bolt as before. The No. 1 piston is now at top center on the compression stroke (TC1).

9. To install tool (B) in the fuel injection housing assembly, remove the 3/8″-16 NC bolt from the flywheel and turn the flywheel approximately 30° clockwise.

10. Remove bolt and install tool (B) in the governor housing. Turn the flywheel slowly in a counterclockwise direction until pin (B) goes into the notch in the camshaft.

11. Put the 3/8″-16 NC bolt in the timing hole in the flywheel housing. If the bolt can be installed in the hole in the flywheel, the timing on the fuel injection pump is correct.

12. Remove nuts (9) and cover (10) from the front of the timing gear cover.

13. Remove bolt (12) and washer (11) that holds the drive gear to the fuel injection pump.

14. Install tooling (C) to loosen drive gear from the drive sleeve.

15. Remove three nuts (13) from studs. Remove the fuel injection pump housing and governor from engine.

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