3304 & 3306 – Precombustion Chambers Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Precombustion Chambers

start by:

a) remove fuel injection valve

1. Remove the coolant from the cooling system. Capacity is 11 U.S. gal. (41 liter).

2. Remove the glow plug from the precombustion chamber.

3. Remove the precombustion chamber from the cylinder head with tool (A).

4. Remove the precombustion chamber gasket. Remove the O-ring seals from the chamber.

Install Precombustion Chambers

1. Install new O-ring seal on precombustion chamber.

2. Put 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound on the precombustion chamber threads.

3. Install the 5M2667 Gasket, with “2C” on it, on the precombustion chamber.

4. Install the precombustion chamber in the cylinder head. Tighten chamber to a torque of 150 ± 50 lb. ft. (205 ± 70 N·m) with tool (A).

5. If the opening for the glow plug is not in the “A range,” remove the precombustion chamber. If the opening was in the “B range,” use 2S8959 Gasket with “2S” on it. If the opening was in the “C range” use 2S8960 Gasket with “2X” on it.

6. Put 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound on the glow plug threads.

7. Install glow plugs in the precombustion chambers. Tighten glow plugs to a torque of 120 ± 24 lb.in. (14 ± 3 N·m).

8. Fill the cooling system with coolant to the correct level.

end by:

a) install fuel injection valves

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