3304 & 3306 – Install Fuel Injection Pump Housing And Governor

1. Inspect the transfer pump housing O-ring seal for damage. Make a replacement if necessary.

2. Put the fuel injection pump housing and governor (1) in position on the engine and against the timing gear plate.

3. Install the three nuts (2) that hold the fuel injection pump housing to the timing gear plate. Do not tighten nuts until adapter (4) is installed.

4. Inspect the two O-ring seals on adapter and make replacements if necessary.

5. Put adapter (4) and two hoses (5) in position and install two bolts (3) to hold the adapter to block. Tighten three nuts (2).

6. Install two wires (7) on switch. Install tube assembly (6) on adapter.

7. Put the drive gear (8) in position on the fuel injection pump and install washer and bolt finger tight. Be sure that tooling (B) is in the notch in the fuel injection camshaft.

8. Install a 3/8″-24 NF, 1/2 in. long bolt in one of the holes (9) in the drive gear (8).

9. Put a torque wrench on the 3/8″ bolt with the wrench in line with the center of the drive gear, and give it a torque of 45 to 50 lb.ft. (60 to 70 N·m). While this torque is held, tighten the drive gear bolt to a torque of 110 ± 5 lb.ft. (149 ± 7 N·m). Remove pin (B) from the fuel pump and the 3/8″-16 NC bolt from the flywheel.

10. Turn the engine flywheel two complete revolutions with tooling (A). If the 3/8″-16 NC bolt goes in the hole in the flywheel when the timing pin is installed in the notch in the camshaft, the timing is correct.

11. Put gasket and cover (10) in position on the timing gear cover. Install nuts. Tighten nuts to a torque of 17 ± 3 lb.ft. (23 ± 4 N·m).

12. Install fuel line (11) to the fuel ratio control.

13. Put the start switch (12) in position on the governor housing and install two bolts to hold it in place.

14. Remove tooling (A) and the 3/8″-16 NC bolt (16) from the flywheel housing.

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