3304 & 3306 – Heat Exchanger Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Heat Exchanger (Marine Engine)
1. Remove coolant from the engine cooling system.

2. Remove the sea water from the system.

3. Remove bolts (2) and support (1) from timing gear cover and bonnet.

4. Install two 3/8″-16 NC forcing screws (3) in bonnet. Remove bonnet (4).

5. Remove tube bundle (5) from the tank assembly.

Install Heat Exchanger (Marine Engine)

1. Inspect O-ring seal and gasket for damage and make a replacement if necessary.

2. Put the tube bundle (3) in the left bonnet assembly with the dowel pin (1) in alignment with the hole (2) in the bonnet.

3. Put the bonnet (4) in position on the tank assembly.

4. Put the support in position on the timing gear cover and bonnet. Install bolts.

5. Fill the engine cooling system to the correct level.

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