3304 & 3306 – Fuel Transfer Pump

43. Seal. 44. Driven gear. 45. Drive gear. 46. Camshaft for the fuel injection pump. 47. Drive sleeve. 48. Lip-type seals.

Fuel transfer pump (18) is on the front end of housing (15) for the fuel injection pumps. The output of the pump is more than the engine needs for combustion. Camshaft (46) for the fuel injection pump turns drive gear (45) in the transfer pump. Two lip-type seals (48) on the camshaft keep the fuel in the transfer pump apart from the engine oil in the compartment for the timing gears. The area between the two seals is connected to transfer pump drain (50). The drain has two functions. One function is to be an outlet for fuel or lubrication oil leakage. The other function is to give a visual indication of seal or bearing failure before the failure can be a cause for any other failures.

49. Outlet for lubrication oil to automatic timing advance unit. 50. Transfer pump drain. 51. Inlet for lubrication oil for automatic timing advance unit.

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