3304 & 3306 – Fuel Transfer Pump Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Fuel Transfer Pump

start by:

a) remove fuel injection pump housing and governor

1. Put the fuel injection pump housing and governor in position on tool (A).

2. Remove the bolt from the cover over the torque spring. Turn the injection pump camshaft until tool (B) can be installed in the groove (slot) in the injection pump camshaft.

NOTE: The timing pin prevents rotation of the injection pump camshaft during removal of the sleeve.

3. Install bolt (C) in the threads of sleeve (1). Tighten the bolt and remove the sleeve.

4. Remove the bolts (2) that hold body to the housing. Remove the body from the housing.

5. Remove idler gear (4) from the body.

6. Remove O-ring seal (3) and the two lip type seals from the body.

7. Remove drive gear (5) and key (6) from the injection pump camshaft.

Install Fuel Transfer Pump

1. Install the inner seal in the body with tool (A). Install the outer seal with tool (A). The lip of the inner seal must be toward the pump gears. The lip of the outer seal must be toward the outside.

2. Install O-ring seal (2) and idler gear (1) on the body.

3. Install key (4) and drive gear (3) on the shaft.

4. Put tool (B) in position on shaft and install body (5) on the housing. Install the bolts that hold the body to the housing.

NOTE: The pin (C) must be in position in the camshaft so the camshaft will not turn during assembly.

5. Install a new sleeve (6) on the camshaft with tooling (D).

NOTE: Any time the drive sleeve is removed from the camshaft a new one must be installed. The camshaft has serrations (splines) that cut grooves into the drive sleeve when it is installed to give a positive drive connection. If a formerly used drive sleeve is installed again, it can slip (slide around) on the camshaft.

6. The end clearance of the camshaft must be .023 ± .018 in. (0.58 ± 0.46 mm) after sleeve (6) is installed.

end by:

a) install fuel injection pump housing and governor

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