3304 & 3306 – Fan And Fan Drive Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Fan And Fan Drive (Industrial Engine)

1. Remove fan guard (1) after bolts (2) are removed.

2. Remove bolts that hold fan (3) to fan drive. Loosen four fan drive bolts to remove belts (4).

3. Remove the four fan drive bolts (6) and remove fan drive (5).

Install Fan And Fan Drive (Industrial Engine)

1. Put fan drive (1) in position on the cylinder block. Install bolts but do not tighten. Install fan belts then tighten the four bolts.

2. Install the alternator belt. Make an adjustment of the belt tension with a belt tension gauge such as Borroughs Tool Company Part No. BT-33-95 or an equivalent. The correct gauge indication is 120 ± 5 lb. (535 ± 22 N) for new belt. Used belt gauge indication is 90 ± 10 lb. (400 ± 45 lb.)..

3. Install fan and bolts. Install fan guard and bolts.

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