3304 & 3306 – Connection Of Governor To Fuel Injection Pump Housing

1. Put the fuel injection pump housing on tool (A).

2. Install timing pin (B) to hold the camshaft so it will not turn.

3. Put flyweight assembly (1) in position on the camshaft.

4. Install three new bolts that hold the flyweight assembly to the camshaft.

NOTE: The bolts that hold the flyweight assembly to the camshaft have a locking material on the threads. The bolts must not be used more than one time.

5. Install cover (3) over the flyweight assembly with tool (C).

6. Use a screwdriver (2) to make a mark (stake) on the flyweight cover in four places.

7. Put lever (5) on the dowel. Install ring (6).

8. Install pin (4) in the fuel injection pump housing with the round edge down.

9. Put the riser (follower) (7) in position between the flyweights. Lift the flyweights up with a piece of wire and push the (follower) forward.

10. Put lever (9) in position in the groove of the riser (follower) (7). Install shaft (8) that holds the lever in position.

11. Install the torque spring (10). Install the bolt and nut that hold the torque spring in position.

12. Install the overfueling spring (12) and seat assembly (11) on the shaft.

13. Install seat (17), washer (14), wave washer (16), washer (13) and spring (15) in position in the governor housing.

14. Install cover (19) over the torque spring. Install the two bolts that hold the cover in position.

15. Put a new gasket (20) on the governor housing.

16. Put the governor housing (18) on the fuel injection pump housing. Install the bolts that hold the governor housing in position.

17. Install bracket (21) on the governor housing.

end by:

a) install service meter group

b) install adapter housing

c) install fuel injection pump housing and governor

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