3304 & 3306 Alternator Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Alternator (Industrial Engine)

1. Disconnect and put identification on all alternator wires (1).

2. Remove bolt (2) that holds the alternator to the timing gear cover.

3. Remove nut and bolt (5) from bracket.

4. Remove alternator (4) and belt (3).

Install Alternator (Industrial Engine)

1. Put the alternator (1) in position on the engine and install bolt that holds the alternator to bracket. Install bolt hand tight to hold alternator strap to timing gear cover.

2. Install three wires (2) on the alternator.

3. Put vee belt in position on the alternator pulley.

4. Use a belt tension gauge such as a Borroughs Tool Company Part No. BT-33-72C or an equivalent and make an adjustment of vee belt. Tighten new belt until gauge indication is 120 ± 5 lb. (535 ± 22 N). Operate the engine at high idle for a minimum of 30 minutes. Make another adjustment of the belt tension. The correct gauge indication for a used belt is 90 ± 10 lb. (400 ± 44 N). Tighten the bolts that hold the alternator in position.

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