3304 & 3306 – Aftercooler Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Aftercooler (Marine Engine)

1. Remove coolant from the engine.

2. Remove four bolts (1) and turn tube assembly (2) from aftercooler.

3. Remove four bolts (3) and gasket from elbow (4). Remove two bolts that hold the air cleaner assembly to the elbow.

4. Loosen hose clamps (7) and slide hose from tube assembly. Remove bolts (8), (9) and tube assemblies (6) from engine. Remove gasket from the sea water pump flange (10).

5. Disconnect tube (5) from fuel ratio control.

6. Remove adapter (11) and gasket from the aftercooler cover.

7. Remove adapter (12) and gasket from the aftercooler housing.

8. Remove bolts (14), aftercooler cover (13) and gasket.

9. Remove core assembly (15) from housing.

10. Remove two bolts (16) on the inside of the aftercooler housing, one on each end of housing.

11. Remove three bolts (18) from each end of housing. Remove housing (17) and gasket.

Install Aftercooler (Marine Engine)
NOTE: Put a thin layer of clean engine oil on all O-ring seals and the bores of each adapter.

NOTE: Inspect all O-ring seals and gaskets and make replacements if worn or damaged.

1. Put aftercooler housing gaskets in position on the cylinder head and install aftercooler housing (2).

2. Install an aftercooler core gasket (1) on housing.

3. Install O-ring seals (3) on the aftercooler core (4).

4. Put the aftercooler core (4) in position in the housing.

5. Put gasket and aftercooler cover (5) in position on the housing. Install bolts but do not tighten.

6. Install gasket (6) and adapter (7) in the aftercooler cover.

7. Put O-ring seal (8) in position and install elbow (9) on the aftercooler cover.

8. Put gasket and adapter (10) in the aftercooler cover.

9. Install O-ring seal on tube assembly (13).

10. Put gasket on the sea water pump (14) and install tube assemblies in position. Slide hose (11) in position and install hose clamps.

11. Connect tube (12) from the fuel ratio control to the aftercooler cover.

12. Put gasket and elbow (15) on turbocharger cover and install the four bolts to hold elbow in position.

13. Install two bolts to hold the air cleaner assembly to elbow (15).

14. Tighten aftercooler cover to housing bolts.

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