3304 & 3306 – Adapter Housing And Levers Disassembly and Assembly

Remove Adapter Housing And Levers

start by:

a) remove fuel ratio control

NOTE: The fuel injection pump housing and governor does not have to be removed from the machine for the removal of the adapter housing and levers.

1. Install the fuel injection pump housing and governor in tool (A). Remove four bolts (1) that hold adapter housing (2) in position. Remove the adapter housing and gasket.

2. Remove bolt (5), shaft (7) and lever assemblies (4) and (6).

3. Remove seal (3) and two bearings (8) from the adapter housing.

4. Loosen bolt (10) and remove lever assembly (9) from shaft.

5. Remove two bolts (11), adapter plate base (12) and gasket from the governor.

Install Adapter Housing And Levers

1. Install adapter plate base (1) and gasket on the governor housing.

2. Install lever assembly (2) on the shaft until the distance between the rear sid of the lever assembly (2) and the governor housing is .437 in. (11.10 mm). Make sure the shaft assembly is pushed in against the governor housing when the dimension is measured.

3. Install bearing (4) with tool (A) even with the bottom of the seal counterbore. Install bearing (5) with tool (A) and punch until dimension (X), the distance between the edges of the bearings, is .800 in. (20.32 mm).

4. Install the seal (3) with tool (A).

5. Put lever assemblies (7) in position in housing and install shaft. Install bolt (6) through shaft.

6. Install adapter housing (8) and gasket on adapter plate base.

end by:

a) install fuel ratio control

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