3208 – Water Pump Pressure Check

Gauge Installed (Typical Example)
(1) 3B7722 Bushing. (2) 6V7775 Pressure Gauge.

The pressure at the outlet for the water pump tells if the shunt system and water pump are operating correctly. To check the pump pressure, install 6V7775 Pressure Gauge (2) in the front cover. The pressure must be a minimum of 105 kPa (15 psi) at 2800 rpm.

If the pump pressure is less than the minimum pressure: First, check the vent tube between the radiator top tank and the surge tank; it must have an inside diameter of approximately 4.8 mm (.19 in).

Second check to see that the shunt line has a minimum inside diameter of 19.1 mm (.75 in).

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