3208 – Procedure for Measuring Camshaft Lobes

Camshaft Lobe
(A) Lobe lift. (B) Lobe height. (C) Base circle.

To find lobe lift (A) of camshaft, use the procedure that follows:

1. Measurement lobe height (B) of one exhaust and one inlet lobe.

2. Measure base circle (C) of one exhaust and one inlet lobe.

3. Subtract base circle (C) dimension (STEP 2) from lobe height (B) dimension (STEP 1). The difference is actual lobe lift (A).

4. The specified (new) lobe lift (A) is:

(a) Exhaust lobe … 9.40 mm (.370 in)
(b) Inlet lobe … 9.33 mm (.367 in)
5. The maximum permissible difference between actual lobe life (STEP 3) and specified lobe lift (STEP 4) is 0.25 mm (.010 in).

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