3208 – Pinion Clearance Adjustment

When the solenoid is installed, make an adjustment of the pinion clearance. The adjustment can be made with the starting motor removed.

Connection For Checking Pinion Clearance
(1) Connector (from Motor terminal on solenoid to motor). (2) SW terminal. (3) Ground terminal.

1. With the solenoid installed on the starting motor, remove connector (1).

2. Connect a battery, of the same voltage as the solenoid, to the SW Terminal (2).

3. Connect the other side of the battery to ground terminal (3).

4. Connect for a moment a wire from the solenoid connection (terminal) marked Motor to the ground connection (terminal). The pinion will shift to crank position and will stay there until the battery is disconnected.

Pinion Clearance Adjustment
(4) Shaft nut. (5) Pinion. (6) Pinion clearance.

5. Push the pinion toward the commutator end to remove free movement.

6. Pinion clearance (6) must be 8.3 to 9.9 mm (.33 to .39 in).

7. To adjust pinion clearance, remove plug and turn shaft nut (4).

8. After the adjustment is completed, install the plug over shaft nut (4) and install connector (1) between the Motor terminal on the solenoid and the starting motor.

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