3208 – Operation Of Fuel Injection Nozzle (7000 Series)

The fuel injection nozzle goes through the cylinder head into the combustion chamber. The fuel injection pump sends fuel with high pressure to the fuel injection nozzle where the fuel is made into a fine spray for good combustion.

Fuel Injection Nozzle
(1) Carbon dam. (2) Seal. (3) Spring. (4) Passage. (5) Inlet passage. (6) Orifice. (7) Valve. (8) Diameter.

Seal (2) goes against the cylinder head and prevents leakage of compression from the cylinder. Carbon dam (1) keeps carbon out of the bore in the cylinder head for the fuel injection nozzle.

Fuel with high pressure from the fuel injection pump goes into inlet passage (5). Fuel then goes into passage (4) to the area below diameter (8) of valve (7). When the pressure of the fuel that pushes against diameter (8) becomes greater than the force of spring (3), valve (7) lifts up. When valve (7) lifts, the tip of the valve comes off of the nozzle seat and the fuel will go through the four orifices (6) into the combustion chamber.

The injection of fuel continues until the pressure of fuel against diameter (8) becomes less than the force of spring (3). With less pressure against diameter (8), spring (3) pushes valve (7) against the nozzle seat and stops the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber.

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