3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Turbocharger (AiResearch TM6140)

Disassemble Turbocharger (AiResearch TM6140)

start by:

a) remove turbocharger

NOTE: Make a mark on housings and cartridge for location at assembly.

1. Loosen clamp assembly (2).

2. Remove compressor housing (1) and the clamp.

3. Loosen clamp assembly (4).

4. Remove cartridge assembly (3) and the clamp from turbine housing (5).


When the nut is loosened, do not put a side force on the shaft.

5. Put the cartridge assembly in tooling (A). Remove nut (6).

6. Put the cartridge assembly in position in a press. Remove the shaft from compressor wheel (7) and backplate (8).

7. Remove seal ring (9) and shroud (11) from shaft and turbine wheel assembly (10).

8. Bend locks (13) down. Remove bolts (12) and locks (13).

9. Remove spacer (14) from the backplate.

10. Remove two seal rings from the spacer.

11. Remove backplate (8) from the cartridge assembly.

12. Remove collar (15) from the cartridge assembly.

13. Remove bearing (16).

14. Remove bearing (17) from the cartridge assembly.

15. Remove seal ring (18).

16. Remove snap ring (19) with tooling (B).

17. Remove snap ring (20) with tooling (B).

18. Remove bearing (21) and the snap ring.

Assemble Turbocharger (AiResearch TM1640)

1. Make sure all of the oil passage in the turbocharger cartridge housing are clean and free of dirt and foreign material.

2. Put clean engine oil on all parts of the cartridge assembly.

3. Install the inside snap ring with tooling (A).

4. Install bearing (2), washer (1) and snap ring (3). Use tooling (A) to install snap ring (3).

5. Install inside snap ring (4) with tooling (A).

6. Install washer (6) and bearing (5).

7. Put seal ring (8) in position.

8. Put bearing (7) in position. Make an alignment of the dowels in the cartridge with the holes in the bearings.

9. Put collar (9) in position as shown.

10. Put backplate (10) in position.

11. Install bolts (11) and locks (12). Tighten the bolts to a torque of 90 ± 10 lb. in. (10.2 ± 1.1 N·m).

12. Bend the locks around the bolts.

13. Put two seal rings (14) in position on spacer (13).

14. Install the spacer in the backplate.

15. Put shaft assembly (15) in position in tooling (B).

16. Install shield (16).

17. Put seal ring (17) in position. Put 6V2055 High Vacuum Grease on the seal ring.

18. Put cartridge assembly (18) in position. Slowly lower the cartridge assembly over the seal ring on the shaft assembly.

19. Put compressor wheel (19) in position on the shaft.

20. Put a small amount of oil on the threads of the shaft and on the surface of the wheel under the nut.


Do not put a side force on the shaft when the nut is tightened.

21. Install the nut and tighten it to a torque of 25 lb. in. (2.8 N·m) plus 120° rotation.

22. With the use of soft jaws, hold the cartridge assembly in a vise. Install tooling (C).

23. Check end play with tooling (C). The end play must be .003 to .010 in. (0.08 to 0.25 mm).

24. Put clamp assembly (21) and cartridge assembly (20) in position on turbine housing (22).

25. Put clamp assembly (24) and compressor housing (23) in position.

26. Tighten the clamp assemblies to a torque of 10 ± 1 lb. ft. (14 ± 1 N·m). Hit all around the clamp lightly with a soft hammer. Again tighten the clamp assemblies to a torque of 10 ± 1 lb. ft. (14 ± 1 N·m).

end by:

a) install turbocharger