3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Testing And Adjusting


NOTE: The specifications given for “use again” and “permissible” are intended for guidance only and Caterpillar Tractor Co. hereby expressly denies and excludes any representation, warranty or implied warranty of the reuse of any component.


Troubleshooting can be difficult. On the following pages there is a list of possible problems. To make a repair to a problem, make reference to the cause and correction.

This list of problems, causes and corrections, will only give an indication of where a possible problem can be, and what repairs are needed. Normally, more or other repair work is needed beyond the recommendations in the list. Remember that a problem is not normally caused only by one part, but by the relation of one part with other parts. This list can not give all possible problems and corrections. The serviceman must find the problem and its source, then make the necessary repairs.

1. Engine Will Not Start.
2. Misfiring or Running Rough.
3. Stall at Low rpm.
4. Sudden Changes in Engine rpm.
5. Not Enough Power.
6. Too Much Vibration.
7. Loud Combustion Noise.
8. Loud Noise (Clicking) From Valve Compartment.
9. Oil in Cooling System.
10. Mechanical Noise (Knock) in Engine.
11. Fuel Consumption Too High.
12. Loud Noise From Valves or Valve Drive Components.
13. Little Movement of Rocker Arm and Too Much Valve Clearance.
14. Valve Spring Lock is Free.
15. Oil at the Exhaust.
16. Little or NO Valve Clearance.
17. Engine Has Early Wear.
18. Coolant in Lubrication Oil.
19. Too Much Black or Gray Smoke.
20. Too Much White or Blue Smoke.
21. Engine Has Low Oil Pressure.
22. Engine Uses Too Much Lubrication Oil.
23. Engine Coolant is Too Hot.
24. Starter Motor Does Not Turn.
25. Alternator Gives No Charge.
26. Alternator Charge Rate is Low or Not Regular.
27. Alternator Charge Too High.
28. Alternator Has Noise.
29. Exhaust Temperature is Too High.

Engine Will Not Start

Misfiring Or Running Rough

Stall At Low RPM

Sudden Changes In Engine RPM

Not Enough Power

Too Much Vibration

Loud Combustion Noise (Sound)

Loud Noise (Clicking) From Valve Compartment

Oil In Cooling System