3208 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE – Introduction

The specifications given in this book are on the basis of information available at the time the book was written. These specifications give the torques, operating pressure, measurements of new parts, adjustments and other items that will affect the service of the product.

When the words “use again” are in the description, the specification given can be used to determine if a part can be used again. If the part is equal to or within the specification given, use the part again.

When the word “permissible” is in the description, the specification given is the “maximum or minimum” tolerance permitted before adjustment, repair and/or new parts are needed.

A comparison can be made between the measurements of a worn part, and the specifications of a new part to find the amount of wear. A part that is worn can be safe to use if an estimate of the remainder of its service life is good. If a short service life is expected, replace the part.

NOTE: The specifications given for “use again” and “permissible” are intended for guidance only and Caterpillar Tractor Co. hereby expressly denies and excludes any representation, warranty or implied warranty of the reuse of any component.