Disassemble Rocker Shafts

start by:

a) remove rocker shafts and push rods

1. Remove bolts (1), locks (2) and the washers from each end of the rocker shaft.

2. Remove shaft (3) from bracket (4).

3. Remove rocker arm assemblies (7) and the washers from shaft (3).

4. Remove screw (5) and nut (6) from rocker arm assemblies (7).

Assemble Rocker Shafts

1. Make sure the oil holes in the rocker arm assemblies, rocker shaft and bracket are clean and free of all dirt and foreign material.

2. Measure the bore of the bushing in each of the rocker arms. The bore must be .8603 ± .0008 in. (21.852 ± 0.020 mm). The maximum permissible bore is .8630 in. (21.920 mm).

NOTE: Make a replacement of the arm and bushing as a unit if the bore is not correct. The arms and bushings can not be ordered separately.

3. Measure the diameter of the shaft at each of the rocker arm locations. The diameter must be .8580 to .8588 in. (21.793 to 21.814 mm). The minimum permissible diameter is .8570 in. (21.768 mm).

4. Install the screws and nuts (2) into rocker arm assemblies (4). Turn the screws until they are .44 in. (11.2 mm) below the bottom of the rocker arm assemblies.

5. Install the rocker arm assemblies and washers (3) on shaft (1) as shown.

6. Put shaft (1) and the rocker arm assemblies in position on bracket (5) with the adjustment screws on the same side as the oil hole on the bottom of the bracket.

7. Make sure the flat surfaces on shaft (1) are turned up. Install locks (7), the washers and bolts (6). Tighten the bolts to a torque of 18 ± 5 lb.ft. (24 ± 7 N·m).

end by:

a) install rocker shafts and push rods