Remove & Install Flywheel Housing

Start By:

a. remove electric starting motor

b. remove crankshaft rear seal and wear sleeve

1. See the topic “Flywheel Housing Bore” in the Specifications Manual to determine if the flywheel housing is acceptable for use.

2. Remove four bolts (1) that hold oil pan (2) to flywheel housing (3).

3. Remove twelve bolts and washers (4).

4. Remove flywheel housing (3). The weight of the flywheel housing is approximately 13 kg (29 lb).

NOTE: The following steps are for the installation of the flywheel housing.

5. Clean the flywheel housing to cylinder block contact surfaces. The front face of the flywheel housing and the rear face of the cylinder block must be free of oil, fuel, water and any other contaminants during assembly.

6. Apply 8C-8422 Sealantcontinuously on flywheel housing gasket face.


Flywheel housing must be assembled and tightened to the cylinder block within 10 minutes of the sealant being applied.

7. Install 3/8-16 NC Guide Boltswith a minimum length of 101.6 mm (4.00 in).

NOTE: Apply

9S-3263 Thread Lock Compound to the threads of bolts (4) before installation.

8. Put flywheel housing (3) in position over the guide bolts. Install bolts (4) to hold the flywheel housing, and remove the guide bolts. Install the last two bolts, and tighten all the bolts to a torque of 50 N·m (37 lb ft).

End By:

a. install crankshaft rear seal and wear sleeve

b. install electric starting motor