Remove Fan Drive

1. Remove the fan from the fan drive.

2. Release the tension on the fan belts by loosening nuts (1) on the alternator adjustment rod. Remove fan belts (2).

3. Remove bolts (3) to remove fan drive (4).

Install Fan Drive

1. Put fan drive (2) in position on timing gear cover, and install bolts (1) that hold it.

2. Install fan belts (4). Tighten nuts (3) on the alternator adjustment rod for the correct fan belt tension. See the topic “Belt Tension Chart” in the Specifications Manual for the correct belt tension.

3. Install the fan on the fan drive.

Disassemble Fan Drive

Start By:

a. remove fan drive

1. Remove bolts (1) to remove adapter (2).

2. Remove nut (3), washer (4) and bearing (5).

3. Remove bearing spacer (6) from the shaft.

4. Separate pulley (7) and mounting bracket (8).

5. Remove sleeve (9) from the mounting bracket shaft.

6. Remove seal (10) from the pulley.

7. Remove bearing (11) from the bore of the pulley.

8. Remove bearing races (12) from the bore of the pulley.

Assemble Fan Drive

1. Lower the temperature of bearing races (1), and install them in the bore of the pulley. Use Tool (A) to make sure the bearing races are completely in their seats in bore of the pulley.

2. Install bearing (2) in the bore of the pulley.

3. Install seal (3) in the pulley with Tool (A). Install the seal with the lip toward the bearings.

4. Install sleeve (4) on the mounting bracket shaft.

5. Install pulley (5) on mounting bracket (6).

6. Install bearing spacer (7) on the shaft.

7. Install bearing (10). Install washer (8) and nut (9) on the shaft.

8. Install adapter (12) on the pulley with bolts (11).

End By:

a. install fan drive