Remove & Install Alternator

1. Put identification marks on the alternator wiring, and disconnect them from the alternator.

2. Loosen adjustment rod nut (3), and remove the V-belts from the alternator pulley.

3. Remove bolts (2) and (4). Remove alternator group (1).

NOTE: The following steps are for installation of the alternator.

4. Put alternator group (1) in position on its mounting bracket.

5. Install bolts (2) and (4).

6. Install the V-belts on the alternator pulley.

7. Tighten nut (3) on the adjustment rod to make an adjustment to the V-belts. Measure the outside belt with a belt tension gauge such as Borroughs Tool Company Part No. BT-33-96-4-16or an equivalent. The correct gauge indication is 120 ± 5. For more detailed information, see the topic “Belt Tension Chart” in the Specifications Manual.