3208 – Fuel System Inspection

A problem with the components that send fuel to the engine can cause low fuel pressure. This can decrease engine performance.

1. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank. Look at the cap for the fuel tank to make sure the vent is not filled with dirt.

2. Check the fuel lines for fuel leakage. Be sure the fuel supply lines does not have a restriction or a severe bend.

3. Install a new fuel filter. Clean the fuel screen located in the inlet valve of the fuel transfer pump.

4. Remove any air that may be in the fuel system. Open the drain valve on the fuel injection pump housing. Operate the fuel priming pump until fuel without air comes from the drain lines. Close the drain valve.

To remove air from the fuel injection lines, loosen the fuel line nuts 1/2 turn. Move the governor lever to the low idle position. Crank engine with the starting motor until fuel without air comes from the fuel line connections. Tighten the fuel line nuts.

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