3208 – Fuel Ratio Control Adjustment (HSMFS)

NOTE: The same tools are needed for the fuel ratio control adjustment that were used for the fuel setting. Make reference to Fuel Setting for the tools needed and instructions to install the tools.

NOTE: The fuel setting must be correct before an adjustment is made to the fuel ratio control. Make reference to Fuel Setting.

Removal Of Shutoff Solenoid And Covers
(1) Shutoff solenoid. (2) Torque control cover. (3) High idle adjustment cover.

1. Remove shutoff solenoid (1), torque control cover (2), and high idle adjustment cover (3). Install tooling and “zero” 3P1567 Dial Indicator as shown in Fuel Setting Steps 2-12.

2. To check the fuel ratio control setting, move the governor lever slowly to the high idle position. Make a record of the reading on the 3P1567 Dial Indicator. Compare the reading with the specification given in the TMI (Technical Marketing Information) and Fuel Setting And Related Information Fiche.

Checking Fuel Ratio Control Setting
(4) Bolts.

3. If an adjustment is needed, remove three bolts (4) from the fuel ratio control.

Adjustment Of Fuel Ratio Control Setting
(5) Flange. (6) Governor lever.

4. Hold the governor lever (6) in the high idle position and turn flange (5) until the fuel ratio control setting is correct. Move governor lever to low idle and again move the lever slowly to high idle to check the fuel ratio control setting.

5. Install bolts (3). Flange (4) can be turned a small amount to give alignment for bolts (3).

6. Remove tools and install torque control cover (2), and high idle adjustment cover (3), and shutoff solenoid (1).

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