3208 – Cylinder Compression

An engine that runs rough can have a leak at the valves, or valves that need adjustment. Run the engine at the speed that gives rough running. To find a cylinder that has low compression or does not have a good fuel ignition, loosen a fuel line nut at a fuel injection pump. This will stop the flow of fuel to that cylinder. Do this for each cylinder until a loosened fuel line is found that makes no difference in engine rough running. Be sure to tighten each fuel line nut after the test before the next fuel line nut is loosened. This test can also be an indication that the fuel injection is wrong, so more checking of the cylinder will be needed.

An analysis of the engine cylinder condition can be done with controlled pressure air through the cylinder head. Special Instruction, GMG00694 explains the procedure.

1. Remove the fuel injection nozzle.

2. Adapt an air hose to 1P5564 Adapter. Install the 1P5564 Adapter in the fuel injection nozzle opening in the cylinder head.

3. Start crankshaft rotation until the piston in the cylinder being inspected is at TC on the compression stroke. In this position, the valves of this cylinder will be against their seats.

4. Force the air into the cylinder and then check for air leakage. An air leak from the exhaust opening is an indication of exhaust valve leakage and an air leak from the air cleaner inlet is an indication of inlet valve leakage. If the air leakage is into the crankcase during this test, the piston or piston rings can be the cause.

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