3208 – Basic Block

Connecting Rods And Pistons

Use the 5F9059 Piston Ring Expander to remove or install piston rings.

Use the 5P3524 Piston Ring Compressor to install pistons into cylinder block.

Tighten the connecting rod nuts in the following step sequence:

1. Put 2P2506 Thread Lubricant on bolt threads and seating surfaces of cap and nut.

2. Tighten both nuts to 40 ± 4 N·m (30 ± 3 lb ft).

3. Put a mark on each nut and cap.

4. Tighten each nut 60 degrees from the mark.

The connecting rod bearings should fit tightly in the bore in the rod. If bearing joints or backs are worn (fretted), check for bore size as this is an indication of wear because of looseness.

Piston Rings

The engine piston rings may have Keystone (taper) design or a square cut design. The 4C8166 Ring Groove Gauge is used for checking pistons with the Keystone (taper) design. A 5P3519 Piston Ring Groove Gauge is available for checking ring grooves with straight sides. For instructions on the use of the gauge, see the Guideline For Reusable Parts; Pistons, SEBF8049.

Connecting Rod And Main Bearings

Bearings are available with a smaller inside diameter than the original size bearings. These bearings are for crankshafts that have been “ground” (made smaller than the original size). Main bearings are available with a larger outside diameter than the original size bearings. These bearings are for cylinder blocks that have had the bore for the main bearings “bored” (made larger than the original size).

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