3208 – Adjustment Of Fuel Injection Pump Calibration (SMFS)

5P4206 Wrench
(18) Lever. (26) Bolt. (A) 5P4206 Wrench.

Plunger Position
(1) 3P1540 Calibration Pump. (27) Top surface (of 3P1540 Calibration Pump). (28) Plunger.

15. Remove all fuel injection pumps with 8S2243 Wrench.

16. Clean the barrel and pump of 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1). Put clean diesel fuel on the 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1) for lubrication.

17. Install 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1) in the place of one of the fuel injection pumps according to the procedure in Step 9.

18. Loosen bolt (26) with 1S9836 Wrench (8) or 5P4206 Wrench. Turn the lever (18) on shaft (24) enough to move the top of plunger (28) of 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1) below top surface (27) (of 3P1540 Calibration Pump). Tighten bolt (26) just enough for lever (18) to hold plunger (28) stationary.

NOTE: When bolt (26) has the correct torque, pushing with a small amount of force on lever (18) through the wrench moves plunger (28) in 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1).

19. Move shaft (24) toward the governor to remove end play. Then push down on lever (18) through the wrench until top of plunger (28) is almost even with top surface (27) (of 3P1540 Calibration Pump) as shown.

20. Check 3P1568 Dial Indicator (4) according to Step 10. Then put 3P1568 Dial Indicator (4) in place over the center of 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1) and hold it there tightly. Now move plunger (28) of 3P1540 Calibration Pump (1) by pushing on lever (18) through the wrench. Stop moving the plunger when the 3P1568 Dial Indicator (4) is at approximately 0.009 mm past “0.000”. Tighten bolt (26) to 2.70 ± 0.25 N·m (24 ± 2 lb in).

NOTE: When moving plunger (28), make sure that the last direction of plunger (28) movement is in the up direction. If plunger (28) goes up too far, move plunger (28) down to a position below that desired. Then move plunger (28) up to the desired position.

NOTE: The action of tightening bolt (26) usually changes the reading on 3P1568 Dial Indicator (4) by approximately (0.010 mm) in the minus direction.

± 0.010 mm Calibration Tolerance

Move shaft (24) toward shutoff several times to remove clearance in the linkage. 3P1568 Dial indicator (4) reading must be (0.000 ± 0.010 mm) as shown.

When the fuel injection pump calibration is correct make a record and then do the same procedure for all the other pumps.

Installing Clamp On “Slave” Side
(25) 6V0190 Clamps.

NOTE: When calibrating fuel injection pumps on the “slave” side [side opposite from governor control lever (16)], put clamp (25) on both ends of the sleeve shaft as shown.

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