3126 Truck Engines Exhaust Manifold

Typical Example Of A Three Piece Exhaust Manifold

1. Coat inside diameter of female ends of manifold with engine oil.

2. Apply a thin coat of 2P2333 Sealer to outside diameter of the male ends of manifold before assembly. Do not apply sealer at tip of male ends. Remove excess sealer from assembled joint.

3. Continue with procedure given for one piece exhaust manifold.

Typical Example Of A One Piece Exhaust Manifold

(1) Apply 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound to threads of bolts and tighten as follows:

a. Tighten bolts 1 thru 12 in numerical sequence to … 4 ± 1 N·m (35 ± 9 lb in)
b. Retighten bolts 1 thru 12 in numerical sequence to … 45 ± 5 N·m (33 ± 4 lb ft)
(2) Lock. Bend lock tabs over the flat of bolt heads.

(3) Tighten studs to a torque of … 35 ± 5 N·m (26 ± 4 lb ft)

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