3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem No Charging Current, Or Low Or Irregular Charging Current

Probable Cause(s):

* Loose Drive Belt For Alternator
* Charging Or Ground Return Circuit Or Battery Connections Have A Defect
* Alternator Regulator Has A Defect
* Alternator Brushes Have A Defect
* Rectifier Diodes Have A Defect
* Rotor (Field Coil) Has A Defect

1. Loosen drive belt for alternator:

Make an adjustment to put the correct tension on the drive belt.
2. Charging or ground return circuit or battery connections have a defect:

Inspect all cables and connections. Clean and tighten all connections. Make replacement of defective parts.
3. Alternator regulator has a defect:

Replace the alternator regulator.
4. Alternator brushes have a defect:

Install new brushes.
5. Rectifier diodes have a defect:

Make replacement of rectifier diode that has a defect.
6. Rotor (field coil) has a defect:

Install a new rotor.

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