3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Little Or No Valve Lash

Probable Cause(s):

* Worn Valve Seat Or Face Of Valve

1. Worn valve seat or face of valve:

Reconditioning of cylinder head is needed. Check and make necessary adjustments as per Testing and Adjusting Section of the Service Manual.

Problem 15: Oil At The Exhaust

Probable Cause(s):

* Failed Turbocharger Seals
* Worn Or Failed Valve Guide Seals
* Worn Valve Guides
* Broken Or Worn Piston Rings
* Scored Or Worn Cylinder Wall(s)

1. Failed turbocharger seals:

Check inlet manifold and exhaust manifold for oil. If oil is present, replace the turbocharger.
2. Worn or failed valve guide seals:

Inspect seals and replace as necessary.
3. Worn valve guides:

See the Specifications Section of the Service Manual for the maximum permissible wear of the valve guides. If necessary, recondition the cylinder head.
4. Broken or worn piston rings:

Pistons or rings that have damage can be the cause of too much pressure in the crankcase. This condition will cause more than the normal amount of fumes (blow-by) coming from the crankcase breather. The 8T2700 Indicator Group is used to check the amount of blow-by. The test procedure is in Special Instruction, SEHS8712. Inspect and install new parts as needed.
5. Scored or worn cylinder walls:

Inspect cylinder walls for problems. Hone, or bore and sleeve as necessary.

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