3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Fuel System Inspection

A problem with the components that send fuel to the engine can cause low fuel pressure. This can decrease engine performance.

Fuel System

Fuel System
(1) Fuel inlet port (to fuel transfer pump). (2) Tube assembly (fuel filter to fuel gallery). (3) Tube assembly. (4) Fitting (fuel return to tank. (5) Tube assembly (fuel transfer pump to fuel filter). (6) Fuel filter. (7) Tube assembly (return to tank).

1. Check the fuel level in the fuel tank. Look at the cap for the fuel tank to make sure the vent is not filled with dirt.

2. Check the fuel lines for fuel leakage. Be sure the fuel supply line does not have a restriction or a bad bend.

3. Install a new secondary fuel filter. Clean screen located in the inlet fitting of the fuel transfer pump.

4. Inspect the orifice in tube assembly (7) to see that there is no restriction for proper operation.

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