3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Fuel Priming Procedure

If the engine fuel system is run dry, fill the fuel tank and prime (purge) the fuel system to remove air bubbles from the system.

1. Locate the fuel priming pump red selector knob.

2. Turn red selector knob away from fuel filter base at 90 degrees. This is the PRIME position.

3. Operate the priming pump plunger to fill final filter with fuel until a resistance is felt.

NOTE: 25 to 30 pump strokes may be required to fill filter and up to 75 pump strokes may be required to fill the fuel manifold.

4. Push the plunger in and tighten clockwise by hand.

5. Turn red selector knob back to RUN position.

NOTE: The pointer should be pointing to the fuel filter base.

6. After pressurizing the fuel system, promptly crank the engine using the engine starting procedure.

NOTE: If the engine starts, but runs rough, or once started continues to misfire or smoke, further priming may be necessary to help purge fuel lines of air. Continue to run the engine at low idle until fuel flows free without pockets of air in the fuel lines and the engine runs smoothly.

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