3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Engine Hard To Or Will Not Start.

Probable Cause(s):

* Battery Has Low Output
* Starting Motor Has A Defect
* Oil Too Thick
* Internal Problem Prevents Engine Crankshaft From Turning
* Problem With Accessory Equipment

1. Battery Has Low Output:

Check condition of battery. Charge battery or make replacement as necessary (refer to Special Instruction SEHS7633, for Battery Test Procedure). Load test batteries (refer to Special Instruction SEHS9249, for use of 4C4911 Battery Load Tester.
2. Starting Motor Has A Defect:

Make Reference to Problem 25: Starting Motor Does Not Turn.
3. Oil Too Thick:

a. Use the recommended Lubrication Viscosities as stated in the Operation And Maintenance Manual. If the oil is changed then replace with the oil viscosity recommended and replace oil filter(s).

b. Determine if maintenance intervals are correct for the service application and if they are being followed. If they are, and the oil quality has deteriorated an oil sample should be sent out for analysis.

4. Internal Problem Prevents Engine Crankshaft From Turning:

If the crankshaft cannot be turned after disconnecting the transmission and/or the power take-off, remove the unit injectors and check for fluid in the cylinders while turning the crankshaft. If fluid in the cylinders is not the problem, the engine must be disassembled to check for other internal problems. Some of the possible problems are bearing seizure, piston seizure, and valves making contact with the pistons.
5. Problem With Accessory Equipment:

Check driveline for free movement. Disconnect or remove PTO drive(s). Remove and inspect engine accessories that may lock up the engine (air compressor, power steering pump, lubrication oil pump, hydraulic oil pump, etc). Repair or replace any accessory that is binding or has seized.

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