3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Fan Drive – Assemble

Fan Drive Assembly

1.Check the condition of O-ring seal (7) that is used in retainer (2). Check the condition of the roller bearing (8). If the components are damaged use new parts for replacement.

2.Install roller bearing (8) in bearing retainer (2). Install the roller bearing so the lip seal is facing toward the retainer for the roller bearing (2).

3.Install O-ring seal (7) in bearing retainer (2). Install bearing retainer (2) and roller bearing (8) as a unit on fan drive shaft (5). Seat the bearing inner race against the fan drive shaft.

4.Use bolts (9) and install thrust plate (4) .

5.Install fan drive shaft (5) in fan support (3). Install the washers and bolts (6) that hold the unit together.
Note: Rotate the fan drive shaft in order to access the mounting bolt holes.

6.Fill the bearing cavity in the fan drive with Tooling (A) .
End By: Install the Fan Drive. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, “Fan Drive Install”.

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