3100 HEUI Truck Engine Installation Battery Support

Rear View

(1) 25.4 mm (1.000 in) by 25.4 mm (1.000 in) angle iron support. For more information please refer to Fuel Tank Assembly in this publication.

A. Length (between bolt hole centerlines) … 351 mm (13.818 in)
B. Angle of bolt holes in the support … 45 degrees

(2) Retainer bolt.

(3) Battery. Place battery on 7H8213 rubber mat.

NOTE: Weld angle iron support (1) to the fuel tank assembly. Tighten the wing nuts and washers to the 7E3674 retainer bolts (2) to the angle iron support (1) that is on the top of the battery (3) opposite the welded support.

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